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NHAMC Paddlers Equipment Rental and Damage Policy

Rev. March 15, 2004

It is understood that the NH-AMC Paddlers rents equipment for the purpose of giving paddlers the opportunity to participate on paddle trips or to try different boats. It is NOT a profit making activity. The following policy is established to give fair treatment to both the renter and the clubs ongoing rental interests.

1.0 - The rental fees are posted on our web site and are subject to change without notice.

2.0 - It is the responsibility of the renter to pick up and return equipment to the boat keeper's location (or dropped off at other designated location) in a reasonable time frame (these details to be arranged between the equipment chair and the renter at time of rental).

2.1 - Equipment NOT returned for any reason: The renter will be responsible for full market value of equipment to be established by the equipment chair.

3.0 - Equipment is expected to be returned in good clean condition (less normal wear & tear) suitable to be rented again without additional maintenance.

3.1 - Normal wear & tear definitions:

3.1.1 - For boats: this includes hull scratches, minor dings/dents, and wear & tear to outfitting (air bags, lacing, thigh straps, knee pads, painters). NOT included is major dings/dents, wrap scarring, broken or cracked gunwales and thwarts, painters (ropes) cut broken or missing, and punctures in inflatable boats or air bags.

3.1.2 - For paddles: this includes blade and shaft scratches. NOT included is broken/cracked paddle blades and grips or bent shafts

3.1.3 - Wear & tear to other equipment to be at the discretion of the equipment chair.

4.0 - Damages beyond "normal wear & tear": The renter will be responsible for the full cost of the repairs to the equipment. In the event that damages to the equipment cannot be repaired to original condition (as before the rental) but can be repaired to a usable condition, the renter may be responsible for paying a devaluation fee assessed by the equipment chair. (An example of this would be the permanent damages caused from wrapping a boat.)

Shredder Rental Policy:

The Shredder is generally a very user friendly boat, however very few of us have ever paddled this boat in white water. Therefore we are taking a conservative approach on this initial rental policy. Paddler ratings will be taken into consideration to avoid inexperienced paddlers getting in over their heads (figuratively and literally). Both users will have to considered. Keep in mind that a less experienced paddler may find himself alone in the boat when the "senior" paddler (that we thought knew what they were doing) decides to fall out of the boat (you know this will happen eventually).

As we get more experience with the boat this policy will be reviewed and changed as necessary.

Shredder Rental Policy: (updated Sept 2004)

The rental for this boat will be $20 / day.

Rental includes paddles, PFDs and air pumps (electric & hand pump)

This boat may be rented for use on UP TO class IV rivers. At least one of the renters must have a paddler rating of at least the level of the river to be run (in any other type boat). And the second paddler must also have a rating of at least one rating below the river to be run (in any other boat). For example a class III kayaker teamed with a class II open boater may rent it for a class III run (and can not rent it for a class IV trip). A class IV rated paddler teamed with a class II rated paddler may only use on up to a class III trip). Unrated paddlers will be considered one rating below class II for this policy.

As with all boat rentals, the boat damage policy is in effect with this boat.

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