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Important Reminders for Trip Leaders

River Talk.

We all know that it's part of our responsibility as Trip Leader to give a talk just prior to heading out on any AMC trip. We use this time to introduce ourselves, describe the trip, go over important safety information, and such.

Everyone has their own style, but there are some things that we must ALL remember to cover on each trip. Below are some reminders from the Leadership Committee - please review these notes and be sure to incorporate them into YOUR river talk before every trip.

Thank you!

NH AMC-River Talk Just Prior to Trip

Communicate expectations of trip ie. Trip duration, lunch stop, shuttle, scouting major drops, etc.

PFD's must be worn at all times while on the water and during land based rescues

Explain the duties of lead and sweep

River Signals: (use a paddle to demonstrate)
   Come ahead
   Point to direction of safe passage (do not point to obstruction)
   Tap on head - "are you okay" - and the appropriate response
   Need help, emergency

What to do if boat goes over:
   Yell - "Boat over"
   Blow whistle to alert entire group
   Closest capable person to get involved with swimmer
   Others to assist in gear retrieval
   Persons not capable of rescuing should eddy out and wait

Duties of rescuee:
   Attempt to self rescue
   Try to hold on to paddle and boat if possible
   Turn boat upright if possible to make rescue easier
   Take direction from rescuer!
   If being towed by rescuer, try to assist by kicking feet and reducing drag

Do not leave trip unexpectedly - always inform the trip leader!

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