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Appalachian Mountain Club New Hampshire Chapter Paddlers

Paddling on whitewater rivers, calm rivers, brooks, streams, lakes, ponds, estuaries, harbors and coasts throughout New England, we offer organized trips, courses, instruction, and great fun for kayakers and canoeists of all experience levels. Come paddle with us.

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--- 2018-2019 NHAMC Paddlers EXCOM ---

Co-Chair   Robin Diamond
Co-Chair   Roscoe Diamond
Co-Chair   Paul Berry
Secretary   Sandra Blanchard
Treasurer   Gary Crane
Equipment   Frank Harrison
Whitewater   open
Recreational   open
Communications   Bill James
Leadership   Paul Berry
Past Chair   Mike Hocevar
Leader at large  Denise Carter
Leader at large  Cindy Telley

Note about CoChair positions 2018-2019
Robin Diamond is in her second year of a 2 year CoChair position
Roscoe Diamond is in his first year of a 2 year CoChair position
Paul Berry is in a 1 year CoChair position

By-laws updates were approved on Nov 4, 2018

Click here to see the Paddlers By-laws that were approved on Nov 4, 2018

2016 NH AMC Paddlers Goals

1- Increase the number of trips
2- Get 5 new trip leaders
3- Create more "leader recognition"
4- Add new process for AMC leaders from other groups to become paddling leaders
5- Create a "YouTube" spot for information, recruitment, training and entertainment (at Chapter level?)
6- Increase size of paddlers excom by including active leaders
7- Revamp by-laws
8- Add more conservation/education activities similar to Trash Patrol
9- Increase input from paddling leaders
10- Increase input from paddling participants that are not leaders

Contact NH AMC Paddlers

For more information about the NH AMC Paddlers please email any of the volunteers at addresses listed below.

for information about NHAMC Paddlers email us at

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